Monday, December 29, 2008

Not Me! Monday favorite blogging day of the week thanks to MckMama! Her blog is fantastic and I am so thankful that baby Stellan is ok after his scare over the holiday!

I did not spend two days straight icing my arm and massaging it with tiger balm because of a Wii injury. It is absolutely ridiculous that I would be that sore from playing a video game! Not this in shape hottie!

I did not blog stalk while having some time off because I too was way too busy enjoying the holiday to worry about my, or other's blogs.

I did not show up Christmas morning without gifts for my niece and nephews because I am way more together than that!

I was not one of those crazed shoppers who bought up tons of Christmas wrapping goodies because they were 50% off the day after Christmas. Just because Hallmark gift bags w/ tissue paper were $1...$1!!!...does not mean I needed 25 of them. That would be insane.

I did not drink a jumbo Petrone margarita on the rocks with my hubby before hitting a pig pickin. I would never show up at a get together ready for a nap.

Have a great week lovelies!!

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Wayne said...

I have done as you asked I really hope that the kid will be ok . Those wii games can really get you hurting and I hope you recover from your wii injury soon