Saturday, December 6, 2008

Holiday Junk


Spent the entire day running errands with the hubby. We had a pretty nice time and I only say it was pretty nice because we had to fight the holiday crowds. In hindsight I should probably be grateful people are buying stuff although it is a bit frustrating to think about the amount of debt people get themselves into over the holidays. So much of the stuff is just junk... like the 7' ferris wheel for the front yard... $249! I have visions of someone swiping their credit card for this insane purchase probably for a front yard of a home that's in foreclosure. Had a light sushi lunch at a new place we learned about this week. Was pretty good but I think our local spot is still the best.

Pork ribs were B1G1F at the grocery store this week. We are cooking one rack to take with us to our good friends house - 1/2 bbq and 1/2 asian sesame. Not sure how they will turn out but they smell wonderful. It's our first foray into the world of cooking ribs and my fingers are crossed!

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