Wednesday, December 10, 2008

It's Only Wednesday?!


The past few days have been a bit...well, eh. Haven't been feeling 100% like myself, but I'm starting to come back around. Hopefully after some rest this weekend things will be back on track.

Had my girls over Monday night for the annual "Grand Illumination!" of our front yard. Was bummed to find out that 1/2 my lights from last year were now duds. My front bush is looking a little pathetic. I'll have to get out there this weekend and spruce it up a bit. Experimented with making two soups to share: slow cooker beef vegetable (pretty good, a definite repeat), and asian chicken and noodle (just ok, not a definite repeat). Throw in some spiked apple cider and a screening of A Charlie Brown Christmas though and we warmed right up!

Speaking of A Charlie Brown Christmas, have you ever seen it? I'm usually more of a Grinch fan but I found Charlie Brown pretty entertaining. Adult humor in cartoons always cracks me up!

What about you? What are your favorite holiday movies?

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