Monday, January 19, 2009

Not Me! Monday

Not Me! Monday is here! Thanks to MckMama for hosting the fun! Check out her blog for a daily dose of humor, patience, love, and understanding. Love her!

Also a quick thank you to those who left me comments this week. They made getting through my week away a bit easier!

I did not choose to eat at PF Chang's while in a new city simply because they had a free table and I wouldn't have to wait. I ALWAYS seek out new places when traveling and would NEVER choose a chain restaurant over a local spot.

I did not come within six inches of Rob Zombie and not know who he was. I then did not proceed to exclaim out loud that his eyes were creepy.

I did not wear the same pair of jeans four days in a row. That is just gross.

I did not spend my entire Saturday napping, napping, and more napping!

Have a happy week folks!

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