Tuesday, January 6, 2009

The. Best. Sushi. EVER!


Over the past few years my sushi tastes have expanded greatly. Right now it's what I crave several times a week. In fact, we're researching options on how to make it at home to protect the pocketbook a little bit! Yesterday was a hard travel day for me and all I wanted was a quick dinner and my hotel bed...did I mention I love the Marriott? I did a quick check and found a write up on a new sushi bar that is about 4 blocks from my hotel. Unfortunately for us Americans, most Japanese restaurants are closed between 2:00 pm and 5:00 pm. With a little bit of time to spare I pulled up a stool to sample a bit of that good ole Kentucky bourbon. Feeling a hop in my step, I trekked on in the rain to Caviar. I placed an order to go, Spicy Tuna Roll and an Alaskan roll (salmon, avacado, scallions, and cucumber)...SO GOOD. Not fishy at all and beautifully hand rolled. I loved it so much I faked previous plans to my coworkers and went back there tonight. I think I feel a "Not Me" moment post coming on!


Wayne said...

I once tried sushi but I can't say I liked it to much but I have never been really keen on fish foods

A Look Into Our Lives said...

Hey! Just wanted to respond to your comment that you left me:
How awesome that you live in Va. Beach! I love that place. We always stayed at the Marjac hotel. Ah, memories :)
Well, it was my grandma who participated in the Art Shows (my dad's mom) and it's been quite a few years since she was in the art show. I remember how hard it was for her to not sign up again. She was getting old and it was just getting hard for her to travel there every year. But, we had an awesome time all the years we went! I'm sure we passed each other w/o knowing it as we strolled the boardwalk :)