Sunday, January 18, 2009

Five Things You Didn't Know About Me!


Barbara over at looking2live was recently "interviewed" by one of her readers and I thought the idea was neat and wanted to participate. Basically you receive five questions and post your answers on your blog. Then, you send five questions to anyone else who is interested in participating. A quick way to learn something about your blogging buddies you may have not known before!

And now my answers to Barbara's questions:

1. If you had $1,000,000, what would you do with it?

I definitely believe in sharing the wealth but my immediate responsibility is to my family. That said, first and foremost I would make sure my family's future was financially set.

Then I would start helping causes that I have been interested in for some time:

Alice Waters & the Edible Schoolyard - The aim of education is to provide children with a sense of purpose and a sense of possibility, and with skills and habits of thinking that will help them live in the world. A key way to learn these skills and habits is to learn how to eat well and how to eat right. A curriculum designed to educate both the senses and the conscience–a curriculum based on sustainable agriculture–will teach children their moral obligation to be caretakers and stewards of the finite resources of our planet. And it will teach them the joy of the table, the pleasures of real work, and the meaning of community.

Camp Woodward - The pinnacle of action sports parks/camps. A safe and encouraging place to foster the creativity of action sports.

Fender University - Fender University is an exclusive new music education program for guitar enthusiasts worldwide.

Investing for Kids - I think our education system fails miserably when it comes to teaching financial managing and planning in school. These life skills should be taught throughout our children's entire educational journey. The younger we start, the better the foundation will be built for their adult life.

Since there are so many projects I would like to donate to, I would have to do some serious planning to make sure I could do it effectively. I would really want not only my financial donation, but my time to make a difference.

2. How did you and your husband meet?

My husband and I have been together for six years, married for a little over two. We met when I caught up with my best friend one night after work. She was hanging out with my husband's roommate and invited me over for a nightcap. My social anxiety in those years was pretty severe so I'm not sure what it was that actually made me feel ok to go someplace with folks I had never met before. When I arrived, my husband was restringing his guitar so he could teach my best friend a few notes. We started talking music and discovered we had a band in common that not a lot of other people knew about. The band was coming to town in a few weeks and we both had tickets but no one to go with...hence our first date!

3. What living famous person would you most like to have as a dinner guest, and why? What would you serve?

I'm going to cheat a little on this question...
I would love to meet Mario Batali. I think he is able to create culinary masterpieces with the greatest simplicity. I love that he is comfortable in himself and doesn't care wearing shorts and orange croc's no matter what the occassion! If you haven't seen his new show on PBS with Gwenyth Paltrow, check it out!

I also love Rachel Ray. She is so cute and relatable...almost like one of my girl friend's. I also like her yum-o organization. Always a great thing when a celebrity can use their fame to make a difference!

As for what to serve...hopefully we could work on that together since they're the experts!

4. If you could re-do one thing in your life, what would it be?

I am a firm believer that the past is what has created my present and without it I wouldn't be where I am, so to some degree I don't really believe in redos. However, I do regret not focusing on my Bachelor's degree as seriously as I should have after high school, and since. 10+ years later I am almost done...better late than never!

5. How did you come to start your Blog? How did you find my Blog?

I began reading blogs about eight months ago and have toyed with starting my own for just as long. I love the idea of a place to share life's happenings in an environment that is as anonymous as you want it to be. Sometimes it is great to get perspective from those who are not directly involved with your everyday life.
I came across Barbara's blog while poking around on Blogger. I first noticed her post which was about an organic farm that was featured in my local newspaper the weekend prior. I was interested in visiting the farm and I appreciated her take on things. I also found her postings on the recent election interesting. Although I did not agree with everything she wrote, I did with most. I admired her hard work in getting involved with her community, not just with the election but in her everyday life. The world needs more people like her.

Let's carry this interview forward! If you're intereseted, leave me a comment and I will pose you five new questions. Looking forward to getting to know some of you better!


Barbara said...

Ash -- Well done! I can see you put some time and effort into your answers. I wish I could give you the $1,000,000 and let you get started with all that philanthropy!

Thanks so much for participating!

Wayne said...

Intrestng questons in this blog. If I had 1'000'000 I would use it to be with my Jenn.