Thursday, March 19, 2009

Looking for a New Kitty!


Only a few days until Saturday when we leave for Orlando to attend my cousin's wedding! We are both looking forward to the change of pace. Between our Lil getting hit and the days and days of rain, we have been downright depressed. I think the sun and time with family and friends will do wonders for our mood.

Still looking for a kitty to join our family. We have decided that we would like to adopt littermates so they will have each other to play with and our older cat can have some peace. It's been a bit of a stressful process as we are specific with what breed we are looking for and we have been contacted many times by folks that are trying to sell unhealthy, unvetted kittens too young. I really wish our older cat would do ok with an older cat as there are so many that need homes. Unfortunately that is just not the case.

Are there any kitty lovers out there? We love the Maine Coon breed but feel Norwegian Forest cats or Siberians may be a great fit for our family as well. We are hoping to find mixes as the fees for the purebreds are astronomical and most importantly there are so many animals out there that need a loving home! We are looking in the areas of North Carolina to Delaware!

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